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Handy Baby Update Notice

NOTICE: The new ID46 transponder is on sale, and you need to upgrade your Handy Baby to at
                 least  version 8.1.0, or it can not write with HandyBaby, and it read as C-JMD6A, when
                 you buy  chips, be careful about the fake chips(package with plastic), it can not write
                 by HandyBaby.
Transponder Identify:
11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/45/46/47/48/49/4A/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72/82/83/8C/8E/most smart keys  and detail information about the key
Transponder Clone:
1.4D/4C/46/11/12/13/33  transponder clone
2. Delphi ID48 / before VW IMMO 3.5th ID48 /Honda ID48/Volvo ID48 etc.
3. Toyota 4D72G dst80/ Ford 4D83 dst80/ID42 transponder clone (online)
4. Hyundai/KIA 4D70 dst80 transponder clone
5. VW IMMO 4th ID48 transponder clone(with JMD Assistant)
Transponder Edit:
4D/46/48/47/4D dst/8A ect.
Transponder Generate:
ID4D type: JMD blank60/60/Epica60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/71/72G
4C transponder
ID48 type:  Seat TP22/ VAG TP23/ Skoda TP24/ Audi TP25/ Seat TA22/ VAG TA23/ Skoda TA24/ Audi TA25/Fiat ID48/ Jetta ID48
ID46 type: JMD blank46/ Great Wall(STEC)/ Zotye(STEC) / Ha/ma(STEC)/Maple(STEC)/Geely(SETC) /Cherry(STEC)/Zhonghua230/ Zhonghua530/ VW46(2007-2008)/ X-Trail(2008-2009)/
          Renault(Maste.II)/ Renault(Trafic II) / Opel(Vivaro) /Opel(Movano)/ Renault(Espace IV) Renault(Laguna II)/ Renault(Velsatis) /Renault(Twingo)/ Citroen/Fiat/Lancia/
T5 type: 11/12/13/33
ID47 type: Honda
(1)  Mazda/Ford (China)
(2)  Ford
(3)  Mazda
(1)  D46
(2)  ID4D
Signal Test:
(1)  Frequency Test(remote, ASK/FSK)
(2)  ECU signal test(check the coil works or not)
(3)  Detect the key type in all lost(support 4D/46/48 ect.)
(4)  Data stream detect inD46 type
Data Base about car locksmith:
(1)   Asia cars
(2)   America cars
(3)   Europe cars
in updating……..
Key maker(dump to key):
(1)  Asia cars
(2)  America cars
(3)  Europe cars
In updating…………………..
(1)  Nissan / Hyundai/Honda/Cherry/Renault…..
in updating……….
Update online:
(1)  Handy baby
(2)  JMD Assistant