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Difference Among Kess V2 Truck Version and Kess V2 Car ECU Programmer

Recently, we released new truck version Kess V2 ECU Programmer with Firmware V4.036, customers may feel difficult to distinguish them

Here we list a bill help to you distinguish them simply

Item No SE87-D SE87-CK SE87-K
Product Kess V2 v4.036 Ksuite v2.22 Master for CAR Kess v2 v4.036 ksuite v2.22 for more TRUCKs Kess V2 v4.024 Ksuite v2.22 for TRUCK & CAR
Price €165.00 €116.99 € 80.99
Firmware ver Kess V2 v4.036 Kess V2 v4.036 Kess V2 v4.024
Software ver Ksuite v2.22
Ksuite V2.22/ V2.08
(V2.22 version can not connect internet, V2.08 can works with internet)
Ksuite v2.22
Unlimited tokens,
with a renew button to add tokens
With 30 tokens
With 30 tokens,
can replace KESS V2 CPU NXP Repair Chip to get another 30 tokens
Cars only;
No truck!
No motorcycle!
More Trucks !
(4.036 kess v2 vehicle list)
Truck & car