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Christmas Big Promotion for Xhorse Lonsdor OBDSTAR Xtool VXDIAG FLY and Xtuner

Christmas is coming to soon, factory hold big promotion for famous brands, We Collect then here for your reference

Xhorse Christmas Super Deal, Big Promotion for Xhorse is valid from Dec 11th to Dec 20th
Item NO. Product Name Original Price Xmas Price  Shipping
HKSK185 V3.5.0 VVDI MB Tool without Condor Key Cutting Machine 1625 1580 Free Shipping
HKSK185-B V3.5.0 VVDI MB Tool with Condor Key Cutting Machine 1050 973 Free Shipping
HKSV86 V4.8.1 VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer Full Version 1759 1690 Free Shipping
HKSV86-B V4.8.1 VVDI2 VAG Commander Key Programmer 1279 1247 Free Shipping
HKSV86-C VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer Basic Version 427 392 Free Shipping
SV86-D V4.8.1 VVDI2 BMW Commander Key Programmer 920 854 Free Shipping
HKSK177 VVDI Prog V4.6.5 Super Programmer 399 375 Free Shipping
SL355 Condor XC-002 Ikeycutter Mechanical Key Cutting Machine 917 855 Free Shipping
SK97 V7.7 BMW Multi Tool 720 662 Free Shipping
SO418 VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter 110 102.5 Free Shipping
HKSC204 Iscancar VAG MM-007 239 213 Not including shipping cost
HKSK185-S1 VVDI MB BGA TOOL Benz Password Calculation Unlimited Token for One Year Period 380 325 No Shipping Need

Lonsdor Christmas Super Deal
Item NO. Product Name Original Price Xmas Price Shipping
SK223 V18.9 SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer 425 390 Free Shipping
SK213 Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Odometer Adjustment Tool 1039 980 Free Shipping
SK213+SK213-1 Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Plus SKE-IT Smart Key Emulator 1215 1152 Free Shipping

OBDSTAR Xmas Sales
Item No. Product Name  Original Price Xmas Price Shipping
SP283 OBDSTAR X300 DP Full Package 739 725 Free Shipping
SP283-B OBDSTAR X300 DP Standard Package 589 579 Free Shipping
SS187 OBDSTAR F100 Mazda/Ford Key Programmer 118.99 107 Free Shipping